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Mischievous Magician was developed for Beta Jam 2 from YoYoGames.

Mischievous Magician is a puzzle game about Clymene, an illusionist who has quite a hobby: steal treasures from museums. In this game, the player must build a path, so that Clymene can dodge security guards and obtain the treasure. Clymene can use 4 items:

  • Smoke bombs: These bombs create a smoke that prevents guards on certain positions from watching you
  • Curtain: You can hide on this curtain for 3 turns, but you can't move.
  • Dollar bill: Fool the guards by placing a fake dollar bill on the floor, so you can sneak behind them
  • Hypnosis: Hypnotize guards, and go through without them noticing


  • Hold the left mouse button on the lead path mark to extend your path
  • Clicking the right mouse button in any of the path tiles will erase the latest commands until it reaches that specific tile
  • Double-clicking on the lead path mark will make Clymene wait on that specific tile
  • Click on one of Clymene's items to use it on the lead path
  • Click on the start button to make Clymene follow the path and orders you submitted
  • Click on the restart button in case you need to change Clymene's path.


Project_Clymene.yyz 12 MB
GMJam2.rar 25 MB

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